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Choosing your cake

Browse through my portfolio of cake pictures and let the photos spark an idea for a cake that will be unique to you or the person it is for. Be it a special theme or to reflect a personal hobby or interest. Although I can do any cake you choose from my galleries, it will not be an exact copy, as all my cakes are individually made and it is nice for each person to have a unique cake. So similar rather then the same!

Prices start from 35€ for a 20cm top iced cake including simple decorations and candles. This cake will give approx 12-16 portions.

A fully iced 15cm fully iced cake is from 30€. (Had to recently increase the price of this cake due to the high cost of fondant icing)

A fully iced 20cm cake will cost from 40€

 All decorations and candles included in the cakes.

Hand sculpted cakes start from 50€.

Please contact for a quote.


This price includes free delivery within the Caleta/Nuevo Horizonte area. We can quote for delivery to other areas within the island.


All cakes are custom designed and made to your own personal requirements.



Wedding Cakes

As with the celebration cakes, prices are a  guide only and  again should be considered the starting point for simply decorated cakes.

The price of your cake will naturally depend on the size and number of tiers and the complexity of the design and decoration, and of course the number of people you need to feed! 

The price quoted below is for a  iced, filled sponge cake with simple decorations.  Hand made decorations are extra. Extra charge for rich fruit cake and chocolate biscuit cake. 

1 tier - From 100€ 

2 tier - From 200€ 

3 tier - From 300€ 

I offer a free delivery and set up service within the Caleta area. I can give you a quote for other areas within the island.

As with all my cakes, my Wedding cakes are custom designed and made to your own personal requirements. Each tier can be a different flavour. (Rich fruit cake and chocolate biscuit cakes can only be used as the bottom tier due to their weight)

Payment Policy

Wedding Cakes -  please try to order these 2-6 months in advance, as I will  only make a maximum of 1 wedding cake a week , to ensure high quality and precise detail. Plenty of notice means that I can make or purchase any necessary decorations in good time, and that I can turn down other cakes during that week. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking your cake to secure the date you require for your cake. Payment of the balance due is required 1 month before the date of your event.

Cancellation Policy

You are required to give 1 month's notice if you want to cancel a cake. Depending on the circumstances and time and expense I have invested to that point any monies paid may not be refundable.

For any cancellations within 1 month of the delivery date you will have to pay the full amount for the cake whether or not you take delivery of it.

*In exceptional circumstances, (such as a serious family emergency) I reserve the right to cancel the cake at any time. No charges will be made and all monies paid will be refunded but no compensation will be payable should this occur.*

Wedding cake stand hire

I can now supply a stand for your wedding cake, which will show it off to perfection.

There are two styles of stand.

2 Tier tilted and 3 Tier G stand


Only 15€ to hire these stands, but there is a deposit of 100€ required, payable one week prior to the wedding and 100% refundable on its safe return within 7 days of the event. 

I also have three cupcake stands, a silver thirteen, and a pink 29, and a perspex 50 cupcake stand. this stand can also have a top cutting cake and cupcakes underneath, see my Blue Gerbera wedding cake and cupcakes in the photo gallery. These are also only 15€ to hire but again there is a 100% refundable deposit of 50€. I recently had to add a charge for these stands as had two 'gone missing'. 


Wedding Cake Delivery

Delivery and set up of the Wedding cake is free within the Caleta area.

I can quote for other areas within the island.


NB  If you decide to collect your own cake.....especially if it is a stacked cake....then no responsibility will be taken for the cake once it is collected from me.

It then becomes the responsibility of the client.

It requires a lot of expertise in our hot and humid months to make sure a stacked cake reaches its destination in one piece and once there that any damage that may occur in transit is repaired.