Christmas Cakes Christmas Cakes Candied fruits Christmas cake Rich fruit cake packed with candied fruits, nuts and brandy with marzipan coating and topped with candied fruits and nuts. 172561034 Snow scene Christmas cake Large rich fruit cake with marzipan and fondant icing with snow scene. 172561235 Christmas cupcakes Assorted cupcakes with Christmas theme. 172561369 Large snowflake Christmas cake Rich fruit with tons of cherries, nuts and brandy, thickly covered in marzipan and fondant icing. 172561370 Snowflake cake As before rich fruit cake with snowflake decorations. 172561491 Robin cake Rich fruit with marzipan and icing with hand made fondant robins. 192054910 Bar cake For the smaller family a bar cake with just top marzipan and handmade decorations. 172561492 Bar cakes 2014 Rich fruit cakes with marzipan and icing....all over 2kgs un-iced...with hand made decorations. 196973457