Adult/Naughty cakes Adult/Naughty cakes Male Stripper cake. 134468913 Boobs cake with tatoos 134468831 Boobs cake For lady who is planning a boob job! 134468833 Boobs cake 134468844 First Male Stripper cake. 134468830 Juan Diego's Boob cake Rich chocolate sponge with chocolate cream and vanilla cream layers. Covered in delicious toffee fondant icing. 176122205 Toilet roll cake. 134468840 Boobs cake for Juan Diego Delicious chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate cream layers, toffee fondant icing....complete with tattoo. Everything is edible including the label! 176122206 Rasta cake 134468843 Wicked Willy cake 134468853 Champagne with naughty corkscrew 134468854 Boobs cake for Craig Vanilla cake with toffee and vanilla layers covered in toffee fondant 192054783 Wicked Willy and cupcakes. Naughty cupcakes to accompany the naughty cake! 151907981 Becky's Black stripper cake! Chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla cream layers.....toffee flavoured fondant icing......extra bits are chocolate truffle! 192486589