Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes Sara and Riks Wedding cupcake tower Rich chocolate cake topper cake with assorted flavour cupcakes....decorated in purple and white with moth orchids and butterflies.....silver accents. 192054453 Kerrie and Fran's Country Wedding cake Rich chocolate bottom tier with top tier of vanilla and raspberry, for wedding in beautiful country setting. 186709268 Pleated Wedding cake with fresh flowers. Simple but elegant cake with horizontal pleating and beautiful fresh flowers. Bottom tier is rich chocolate with vanilla cream layers and top is vanilla with raspberry and vanilla cream layers.....also a chocolate cutting cake. 186709337 Dani and Andy's Wedding Cake Bottom tier rich fruit cake with home made marzipan, middle tier lemon sponge with home made lemon curd and vanilla cream, top tier is hand made cake topper of Andy and Dani in their boat. 184164590 Suitcase Wedding cake 2 Bottom tier chocolate biscuit cake. Top tier lemon with home made lemon curd and vanilla cream layers. Bride's own topper. 184876807 Suitcases cake Cake was very heavy to carry due to chocolate biscuit cake bottom tier! 185711721 Burgundy Rose Wedding cake Floating tiers on burgundy roses.....different flavour cakes for each tier. 179763701 Drapes and lilies for Gala and John Bottom tier is chocolate with chocolate cream layers and top is vanilla and raspberry. 180654489 Agnes and Milosz's Castle cake Rich chocolate cake with strawberry and chocolate filling, white chocolate fondant decorations and seashells. 179325983 Aine and Mark's Wedding cake For wedding in El Cotillo. Bar and table beautifully decorated by Sally. The top tier is carrot cake with orange buttercream and bottom is rich chocolate with chocolate gnashe filling. 102197193 Ruffled Wedding cake Lilac and cream ruffled wedding cake...all handmade decorations. Bottom tier rich chocolate with vanilla and cream layers, top tier vanilla sponge with layers of raspberry conserve and vanilla cream. 178321536 Mini cupcake tower with top cutting cake Chocolate top tier, mini-cakes assorted flavours. 191047995 Top or cutting cake. This was rich chocolate fudge with a heart of rosbuds on the top, edible plaque on the front and handmade fondant ribbon round the base. 98743955 Natalia and Jimmy's wedding cake Chocolate with chocolate cream and vanilla cream layers bottom, vanilla with raspberry and vanilla cream layers top, toffee fondant and handmade decorations. 182752934 Flipflop wedding cake Handmade sugar flipflops with bride and groom's name top this seashell wedding cake. 167914420 Natalie and Eduardo's Topsy Turvy Wedding cake All tiers are different flavours. All decorations except the topper are handmade by me. The Bride provided the topper. 84019693 Shell and Calla lily wedding cake. 3 tier cake, all different flavours with drapes, shells and calla lilies. 84022724 Calla Lily Wedding cake. Single tier chocolate wedding cake with handmade calla lilies. 122157761 Calla lily wedding cake. Butterflies and message adorn top tier along with beautiful calla lily and stephanosis bouquet. 127497192 Red and White bouquet wedding cake First cake for Esprit Wedding Planners. Rich chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate cream filling. 132277116 Denise and Ian's suitcase wedding cake. Bottom tier is fruit cake top tier is vanilla sponge with raspberry and vanilla cream. Handmade sugar flowers and labels and bride's own topper. 138430114 Close up of top cake Suzie brought topper and I added golf equipment and signs! The gerbera's are all handmade out of sugarpaste and handpainted. 158928074 Blue Gerbera cake and cupcakes. Top cake is vanilla with raspberry conserve and raspberry cream layers. Cupcakes are half vanilla and raspberry and half chocolate with chocolate ganashe filling and vanilla topping. 158928075 White rose wedding cake single tier chocolate fudge wedding cake with handmade white chocolate roses and leaves. 167915382 Top view of white rose wedding cake Top roses were arranged on plaque which could be removed and kept and the cake easily cut. 167915383 Agnes and Milosz's castle cake lit up! For an evening reception the cake has a candle which can be lit to add atmosphere and drama to the presentation of the cake. 179325984 Karissa and James Paisley and Gerbera Wedding cake. Three tiers of different flavours, including chocolate, carrot cake and vanilla with rasberry. 179764047 Scottish Wedding cake. Single tier Scottish theme cake. 179764158 Me at the Lighthouse cafÚ in El Cotillo With wedding cake for Rino and Elisabeth 181585664 Seashell and coral wedding cake 4 tiers, tier with coral is dummy tier. vanilla sponge with layers of vanilla cream and fresh strawberries. 183628933 Rino and Elisabeth's wedding cake. White fondant icing with white chocolate fondant decorations. 183628934 Mini bride and groom cupcakes Assorted flavour cupcakes....vanilla cream swirls....hand made bride and groom topper and flowers. 192054641 Becky's wedding cake at Baršelo Bay Hotel All hand made flowers and butterflies.....bottom tier is chocolate with chocolate and vanilla cream filling...middle vanilla with vanilla cream and raspberry filling, top is lemon with lemon curd and vanilla cream filling....all cakes are coated in thick chocolate ganache and toffee flavoured fondant icing. 192486583 Side view of Becky's cake Mostly viewed from front....but needed to be neat all round. 192486584 Back view of Becky's cake 192486585 Becky's Wedding cake As cake was going on white tablecloth made support to stand it on which made it stand out. 192486586 Jodi and Owen's wedding cake Bottom is rich chocolate with chocolate cream and vanilla layers, middle is carrot cake with orange cream layers, top is lemon sponge with vanilla cream layers and home made lemon curd........hand made frangipani and white chocolate fondant sea shells. 195581544 Jodi and Owen bride and groom topper. Hand made sugar bride and groom....Owen taking photo of his beautiful bride, Jodi. 195581545 Castle cake with sea shells. Chocolate bottom tier with vanilla and chocolate cream layers, thick chocolate ganache and toffee is vanilla sponge with layers of vanilla cream and fresh raspberries...hand made sugar castle and turrets....white chocolate fondant sea shells. 195582067