Cakes for the Lads Cakes for the Lads Steve's Jack Daniel's cake Chocolate fudge cake inside and chocolate fondant cover this favourite tipple of his. 47114354 Grand Piano cake Even the music is edible. 48345042 Paul's Lucas the Kop Kat Modeled on Leeds United toy mascot. All chocolate fudge cake and fondant icing except for boots and football. 53772284 Luke's Surfboard cake This cake has actual pictures of Luke's surfboard on it. 56706965 Sean's Builder cake for his 40th Building tools decorate this cake which is fully iced and comes with cupcakes with 40th birthday slogans. 62460445 Robert's skateboard cake. His own edible skateboard! 63763113 Pete's Bacardi cake Rich chocolate fudge coated in chocolate and orange mmf icing. With his own label! 71537822 Sam's Lager cake Sam runs the Windmill Bar with his wife Sue in Fuerteventura and his favourite tipple is? Hence this cake! 82956199 162418507 Tam and his Mapex drum kit. 96770472 Conquering Kilimanjaro cake Cake for Wayne who climbed Kilimanjaro for charity. 102997663 Laptop for Dad Laptop for a special father! Chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate cream filling. 121066041 XBox 360 for Sergio Vanilla with butterscotch and caramel filling cake and chocolate fudge controller. 122156625 Poker cake for Barry Vanilla cake with vanilla and strawberry filling inside this all edible poker table for Barry's 60th birthday bash! 122156800 Kitchen sink cake for a plumber! Choc fudge cake with white chocolate fondant icing. Everything and the kitchen sink with this cake! 123118811 Pablo's Skateboard cake Rich chocolate truffle cake decorated with birdhouse and Barcelona edile images. Gumpaste axles and wheels complete this completely edible skateboard cake. 124859229 Shaun's Formula 1 Racing car Chocolate fudge cake inside this all edible racing car for a special man on his special day. 125445594 Kite surfer cake Rich chocolate cake inside this cake for Achilles who has a kite surfing school in Lajares. 131139504 Dart Board cake for Tony 140239696 Camouflage paintball cake for Sergio Camouflage inside and out on this cake....vanilla with chocolate and vanilla. Paintball mask is also fondant covered cake....with logos of his paintball club. 192054853 Richard's Beatles Tribute cake Three tiers all different flavours. Decorated with handmade edible decorations and edible images. 140240284 Bicycle cake for Jag Handmade bike decorates this cake for cycle enthusiast. 140240285 Geoff's Birthday Brandy cake! Inside this bottle are layers of lemon sponge with homemade lemon curd and vanilla cream wrapped in toffee marshmallow fondant. All edible. 142208945 Seven drunken nights for Ian's 40th A cake to represent one of Ian's drunken nights with Magner's cider and karoke and Dubliner CD's. Rich chocolate with chocolate filling. 148873056 Jameson's bottle cake. This is the special reserve version as the personalised data can be added to the label much more easily. 151907949 Ice-hockey cake for Stephen Vanilla cake with strawberry and vanilla cream filling for Scottish ice-hockey fans 40th birthday in Fuerteventura 160098194 Plumber cake for Declan Everything and the kitchen sink for Declan's 40th birthday in Fuerteventura! Rich chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and chocolate gnashe coating under toffee flavoured fondant. 160098195 Large Guitar cake Rich chocolate sponge with chocolate cream layers covered in toffee fondant. 176122009 Donald's hill walking cake Rich chocolate fudge with vanilla cream and chocolate cream layers all covered in toffee fondant icing. 181642711 Snooker table cake for Tony Chocolate fudge snooker table with all handmade decorations. Toffee fondant covers the cake. 179326100 Nick's Phoenix cake Bottom tier chocolate with chocolate cream layers, top vanilla with vanilla cream and raspberry layers. 183977596 Football and Golf cake for John Stoner Vanilla with raspberry and vanilla cream layers for John's 50th celebration. 184876977 Vesuvius/Napoli cake for Mariano Rich chocolate cake with chocolate cream layers, chocolate ganache and toffee fondant.....and hand made decorations and edible images. 192054857 Marilyn Monroe hand painted chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla layers, thick chocolate ganache and toffee fondant....hand painted Marilyn. 196128638 Southampton football cake 196128857 Large yacht cake for Donna Chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla cream layers....toffee fondant and all hand made decorations. 196973567 Cake for Martin Diabetic themed cake for Martin in vanilla with vanilla cream and raspberry layers. 196973568 Pacman smash cake for Aron Chocolate pac man sat on vanilla sponge with vanilla and raspberry layers. 196974015 Rabbit cake for Raśl Vanilla cake with strawberry and vanilla cream layers....all cake....white chocolate ganache and toffee fondant. 196974033 Australia and bike cake for Colm Chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate cream layers, chocolate ganache and toffee fondant for a man who loves Australia and his bike! 196974038