Cakes for the Ladies Cakes for the Ladies Marie Louises Canal Boat Layers of rich chocolate cake, vanilla and chocolate cream with thick chocolate ganache, covered in toffee flavoured fondant icing. 192054487 Versace handbag cake with keyring All edible choc fudge cake with edible logo and keyring. 46264802 Jackie's Radley Handbag Cake Chocolate fudge cake for a lady who loves her handbags! 70203575 Top view of sewing basket cake The only things not edible on this cake are the pins and sewing needle which are made out of florist wire. 83804589 Eeyore cake. Rich chocolate fudge cake. 84602521 Gail's Vodka and Red Bull cake Large bottle of the ladies favourite vodka and a can of Red Bull all in delicious chocolate fudge! 89722846 Nikon camera cake for Ingrid Rich chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fondant icing, coloured black. All edible cake. 96768727 Bouquet of red roses cake for Carol Rich chocolate fudge cake with handmade bouquet of red roses, champagne bottles and hearts. 102289440 Maddison's cake Showing buckle and zipper detail. All handmade and painted with edible paint. A rose finished the special birthday cake. 121170158 Designer handbag cake for Pippa Chocolate fudge cake in 'Gucci' style for a birthday Princess. 121066192 Maddison's handbag and shoe Pink handbag and shoe for Maddison's 18th birthday bash! Rich chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla Italian meringue buttercream filling. 121170156 Sugar Shoe All handmade with no cutters or moulds used. Maddison's name and age is printed on the insole and the shoe can be kept as a memento. 121170157 60's in the Sun cake Cake for lady who now lives in the sun near the sea. Rich chocolate fudge cake with all handmade edible decorations. 128103643 Washing Machine cake Rich chocolate cake with chocolate filling for the lady who does all the washing!! Everything is edible on this cake. 134464932 Zebra print handbag for Angie Vanilla and strawberry inside this zebra print handbag for the lady who was 'born to shop'! 135724477 Pink shoe and butterflies Pretty cake with pink shoe, butterflies and an orchid. 173736168 Handbag and shoe cake for Lucy Chocolate and vanilla handbag with toffee fondant icing and handmade sugar Jimmy Choo shoe for a 21st birthday. 142209551 70th birthday shoes and handbags Rich chocolate cake with handmade edible handbags, with little cakes inside, and sugar handmade shoes for a fashionable lady. 147525732 Carole's Cake Just knew when I got this order that this was for a certain special lady. Hope you enjoyed your birthday Carole! xx 148872430 Carla's 30th Birthday Sunbather cake Rich chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate cream layers. 167592195 LV handbag cake for Zara Lemon sponge with homemade lemon curd and vanilla cream layers inside this stylish desinger bag cake. 162362430 Roses, hearts and champagne cake Handmade roses decorate this cake for a special lady who makes cakes herself in the UK, but has never received one as a gift. Well, she has now! So glad you enjoyed it Sue xx 169329724 Eeyore cake Back view of Eeyore showing button tail detail. All chocolate fudge cake with chocolate cream filling. 172560703 Eeyore cake for Natalie Rich chocolate fudge cake with chocolate cream filling, chocolate ganashe coating and toffee flavoured fondant icing. Too cute to cut! 172560867 iPad for Lauren! Rich chocolate cake with chocolate cream layers, chocolate ganashe coating and toffee fondant, with handmade sugar iPad for special girls 18th! 172560946 Christine's Smirnoff and Diet Coke cake Rich chocolate sponge cake with chocolate and vanilla cream layers. Covered in Toffee fondant icing. 176122114 Handbag and shoe cake for Georgia Rich chocolate cake with vanilla and cream layers, chocolate ganashe coating and toffee fondant icing, with handmade decorations. 172789471 Cake for Graciana All her favourite things on one cake! Vanilla sponge with layers of dulce de leche, dulce de leche cream and vanilla cream. 176122617 Red Velvet Ruffle cake Red Velvet with vanilla cream layers inside and flounces of pink going into red on the outside for a special ladies birthday. 178497581 Jane's Yummy Mummy cake A yummy cake for a very special Mummy.....vanilla and raspeberry layers, with hand painted pink leopard print fondant. 180672821 Forever Friends bear For a special lady. 180673707 Dolphin cake for Michelle vanilla sponge with vanilla cream and raspberry layers....handmade dolphins decorate the cake. 181842154 Tia Maria cake Vanilla and raspberry cake with Tia Maria bottle and white chocolate and dark chocolate fondant icing. 180940139 Sabrina's Diamond cake Rich chocolate and vanilla cake with thick chocolate ganash and toffee fondant icing...white chocolate edible image....from Boris to the girl he loves xx 180940140 Lily 50th Birthday cake Vanilla and raspberry layers with lilies and hand made decorations. 180940141 Jodi's lemon frangipani cake Lemon sponge with lemon curd and vanilla cream layers decorated with stripes and frangipani. 183977725 School uniform cake for Tracy Vanilla with layers of raspberry and vanilla with hand made topper and edible images of school badges round sides for lady who makes school uniforms in Dublin. 184877097 Libra cake for Diana Vanilla sponge with raspberry and vanilla cream layers.....white chocolate fondant hand made decorations. 184877255 Ice skate cake for Becky's 21st Rich chocolate cake with chocolate and vanilla cream layers....hand made sugar ice skate. 192054761 Hibiscus cake for Jodi Bottom is chocolate cake with chocolate cream and vanilla layers thick chocolate ganache coating and toffee is vanilla with vanilla cream layers, raspberry conserve and fresh raspberries with white chocolate ganache and toffee fondant. Hand made sugar hibiscus and white chocolate sea shells. 195582090 Van Gogh sunflowers cake Hand painted chocolate cake layered with vanilla and chocolate cream......chocolate ganache coating and toffee fondant.... 196128637 Large Spanish water dog cake for Caroline Chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate layers and chocolate ganache coating under toffee fondant. 196973500 Biggest cake ever done by me! Anfie the Spanish water dog done for Caroline Blake. 196973425 Diver cake for Caroline Vanilla sponge with raspberry and vanilla layers....all hand made decorations. 196973426